Wednesday the 14th of April, Little Explorers & Navigators (K-3)

Today was finally the day of our long awaited visit to the Koala park!! We absolutely love going and seeing all the animals and we always have such an amazing day with our friends.

Our morning began with playing group games in the gym and playing a huge game of survival tip. Once it was time for morning tea we all head into our classrooms to sit down and eat while we had a discussion about today’s epic adventure. We applied our sunscreen, checked we all had a hat and a full water bottle and when the clock hit 10:30 we were off!

When we pulled into the driveway of the koala park we couldn’t contain our excitement! Miss Amber and Miss Kaylah went through a few ground rules to assure that we would all be safe and have a great day. We jumped off the bus and separated into two groups to make the tour a little bit easier.

First stop was the red wallabies which were all so cute. We learnt that even though kangaroos and wallabies look the same, kangaroos are significantly larger and stronger than red wallabies. We continued our walk and saw some pretty incredible animals such as fox and dingoes named Bella and Lulu, many different types of birds although the Eagle was a crowd favourite. The eagle was huge and we even had the chance to see him spread his wings out like he does to his prey....pretty cool but also a little scary. Mr David and Mr Ben took their group to the pelican feeding which they loved. We were able to watch how a pelicans neck expands and retracts while it eats and digests his food, it was pretty interesting to experience. Everyone loved being able to get up close and personal with the kangaroos. Each of us had the chance to pat a kangaroo and some of us even pat a Joey, so cute! We even got to see the first ever koala hospital built in the 1920s!

We gave our hands a super good wash before we left the kangaroo enclosure to sit down for lunch. Once we found tables for everyone to sit at we noticed the picnic area had some special guests, peacocks!!! The peacocks wondered around our tables while we enjoyed our food, although some of us were a little worried our food would be stolen. It was really awesome seeing such a beautiful creature and all of their unique colours and patterns.

Once everyone had finished their lunch we said farewell to the peacocks and went straight to the dragon house. The dragon house had so many amazing lizards and snakes! We took some time to read about the differences between all the lizards, and take a close look at the unique patterns on the snakes.

We did another quick lap of the park to make sure we didn’t miss anything and then we head back onto the bus and began our short journey back home, including a few naps. On arrival to the Island we took our vests off, lined our bags up against the wall and spent some time on the trampoline and having some free play in the gym, as a reward for having such amazing behaviour while at the koala park!

After we ate afternoon tea, which was yummy spring rolls, we watched a new Netflix movie about superheroes. It is called We Can Be Heroes and everyone loved it! Once the movie was finished we jumped on the trampoline for a long time until our parents came to pick us up. We had a lovely day in the outdoors at the zoo and we can’t wait for next time! 😊

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