Wednesday the 17th of February 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Today in Kindergarten and Year 1 we took on our first under the sea craft!

We began the day in typical fashion by satiating our ravenous appetite with afternoon tea. Today this was meatballs with lettuce and sauce or an alternative for our vegetarians.

Yet another new class started today as many of us went to try out hip hop dance class! Our remaining number jumped straight into our activity and the first craft of our new topic - making paper plate fish! Everyone started with a plate that was to become the body of their fish, before cutting a triangular mouth that was stuck on the back to look like a tail. From there the fun began as we used small multicolour squares of paper as scales and started designing our fish however we wanted. Kavin impressed as he took his time to carefully place each scale in a colour gradient from light yellow to orange. Ravi innovated as he applied his purple theme to the entire surface area of his plate. Inspired by this Yaseen took the same approach with his spectrum of colours. Kaden quietly and diligently went about his work showing great care as he produced likely the most robust fish of the group.

Our room had a makeover today, introducing new play areas along with new toys and equipment and as such we decided to forgo a trip to the gym in favour of continued free play. All the class favourites were brought out across the afternoon and in an encouraging step of progress ended up back in their containers and in our new storage drawers at the end of the day.

Most notably, the boys were building rockets again. Dev, Ryan and new recruit Thomas teamed up and used the magnetic building squares and triangles to produce a spaceship that would make NASA jealous.

As 6 o’clock drew near and we were joined by other classes and a doctors surgery opened up. Doctor Sasha and assorted nurses fixed a range of illness and ailments as we quietly played and waited to be picked up, eagerly anticipating a fun end of the school week tomorrow.

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