Wednesday the 17th of February, Year 2 - 3

Today in Year 2 & 3 we played a group game of dinosaur themed charades! Our afternoon tea this afternoon was kofta with lettuce and yoghurt sauce, two thumbs up! Miss Kaylah wrote some dinosaur themed actions & nouns for one of us to act out and everyone try to guess. Shrihaan acted out a volcano eruption really well, whereas Om ran around like a crazy dinosaur trying to act out a dinosaur was hilarious! Everyone who guessed correctly got a sticker added to the chart, so far Joubin is in the lead on 4 dinosaurs, great work! We then moved onto creating paper airplanes and fooseball. Riley and Luxsian made huge paper airplanes and they both flew alll the way across the room. The rest of our afternoon was spent on the climbing tower having a great time with our friends, until it was time to grab our bags and head home.

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