Wednesday the 17th of March 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Today in Kindergarten and Year 1 we hunted and harvested clam shells for their treasure inside before having a run around in the soccer room.

As we washed our hands and sat at the table, there was no doubt about what was on the menu for today’s afternoon tea. As the smell of garlic bread wafted through the air the kids had to have their attention directed to the fruit that was first at hand. Whilst almost everyone was gobbling down their garlic bread some of us were trepidatious. In an effort to convince us to give it a try I asked anyone who disliked their bread to raise their hand - to telling silence. Unsurprisingly by the time we put our plates away we had all agreed that was one of our favourite foods.

As we were finishing our food Katrina came up front and told us about the award she received in class today. She’s been impressing her teacher so much she collected 10 ‘rams’ given out for good behaviour and excellent work. We were all really happy to celebrate her success.

Next it’s was time to go to class. The karate students left in a small exodus to enjoy their extracurricular activity.

Our remaining number sat back on the tables ready for today’s activity. In keeping with our theme we looked at another under the sea creature today turning our attention to the humble clam. The kids were given a printout to cut and fold to create their own 3D clam that opened and closed! As we went about our work we discussed what we knew about clams, shells and muscles and what made them different from each other. We were particularly engaged when talking about pearls and were intrigued by what they looked like unharvested. Naturally we were even more engaged when I revealed that as a treat for today we would have our own pearl in the form of a chewy lolly. The activity on the whole ran really smoothly and the kids were content and unsettled as they went about their work. Ravi, Yaseen and Melissa made textbook clams, executing their cuts and folds neatly. The two Ryan’s and Tommy had fun with theirs forgoing design perfection for sturdiness as they munched over and over with their clams ‘mouth’. When our karate kids came back they also completed a clam posing for a group photo with the open mouth revealing the ‘pearl’ inside.

Finally, we decided to make a trip to the gym for the last 25 minutes. As our under the sea games have remained as popular as ever we headed to the soccer room. After some rounds of octopus and shark rush showcased our speed Dev, Justin, Kavin and Yaseen with some tag alongs decided they should challenge miss Emily to a race. Thinking that their sheer speed to overcome the advantage of longer legs they came to find out that the day they can outsprint a teacher has not yet arrived much as they tried. With our excess energy burned we returns to the K/1 room to relax in the quiet as we waited to be picked up.

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