Wednesday the 17th of March, Year Two and Three

This afternoon in the classroom we continued our theme of harmony day, and today we celebrated our home and who we are.

For afternoon tea today we had an old time favourite, garlic bread! While we were enjoying our afternoon tea Miss Kaylah walked around and asked everyone what their background is, which was a little hint for our activity today. Once everyone had eaten, we made our way onto the green mat to talk about the plan for today.

Our activity today was to colour in our country’s flag, some of us chose to do the Australian flag as we all call Australia home whereas some of us did the flags from other countries. As we coloured in our flags we talked to each other about delicious foods, things to do and interesting attractions from the country of which flag we were colouring.

We had a huge variety of where people come from in our class, it was really interesting to see. We then spoke about how no matter where someone comes from, or which flag they represent...everyone should be treated equally and fairly! We then put the flags up on the wall and they look so beautiful and colourful.

We then made our way downstairs to play in the K-1 room until it was time to head home!

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