Wednesday the 19th of May, Year Two and Three

This afternoon our class decided it was just about time for a gym day to play and hangout with our friends!

For afternoon tea we had fruit along with Lebanese bread, veggies and dip! We had fun making our slices of bread look like mini pizzas with veggie toppings. Miss Amber then took us out in small groups to the balcony to measure our lettuce as we didn’t get the chance to yesterday. Soon enough we are going to be able to use eat our lettuce, they look awesome.

We then made our way down into the soccer room to have a games day. We started with survival tip which we all love. After, we played bull rush and four corners until we all decided to switch it up and play silent ball but with a additional rule. Everytime someone catches the ball, they get to make the funniest noise they can and if anyone laughs out loud, they are out. Our rounds didn’t last too long because we couldn’t stop laughing at all the funny noises. We then had a little dance off in the gym copying each others moves, which was also very fun!

We also said a super sad farewell to Jonah who spent his last day with us today, we will miss you in our classroom and we wish you the very best!!!!

See you tomorrow!

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