Wednesday the 21st of April, Year Two and Three

This afternoon Year Two and Three continued learning and focusing on ANZAC Day. We baked cookies and we also had a very special guest join us this afternoon to extend our knowledge on the ANZAC and defence force further!

For afternoon tea we had our fruit with a delicious carrot and pea dish, which we all called vegetable cake! We then moved straight onto making our ANZAC biscuits and we were very excited. We read out the recipe and took turns measuring and adding in all the ingredients. We washed our hands then began to roll our dough to create small balls to be flattened out on the baking tray. As soon as we had completed our ANZAC biscuits it was time to head downstairs to speak with Andrew Lloyd from the Air Force, better known as Campbells dad!!!!

We were sooo excited to speak with Mr Lloyd and learn more about the ADF, ANZAC Day and learn about what the Air Force does, and what Andrews job position consists of. We began our chat with Andrew introducing himself and what his day to day role in the Air Force is. We began to watch a video on how the HUGE cargo plane is packed and departed successfully. The plane Andrew showed us was named Hercules because of how enormous it is, and Ryan even created his own Hercules with the magnets blocks!! Everyone really appreciates Mr Lloyd taking the time to come into the Island and teach us many new things, Thank You Andrew!!

We said a huge goodbye then made our way back up to the classroom for some free play with our friends. Once our room was packed away we began to head downstairs until it was time to head home.

See you tomorrow!

Due to COVID there will be no dawn service this year like usual. Take the time to check out to see how you can participate this ANZAC Day!

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