Wednesday the 24th of March, Year 2-3

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Today was a lovely day in year 2-3. We began the afternoon with some extended free play which we always love. Then we had yummy pasta with red sauce and veggies! After our food we went straight down to the soccer court for a fun, new true and false game. Miss. Kaylah read out true and false questions and then depending on what you thought the answer was, you run to the ‘true’ or ’false’ wall. Whoever was the last man standing won the round! Om, Jayden, Kabier and many others won the game and so they got a sticker on their chart. Although it’s our last week of dinosaurs and that’s a bit sad, we are enjoying that last few games relating to dinosaurs. We are also really excited about next terms theme and the school holidays!

To finish off the afternoon we played an epic game of survival tip and then soccer! We had an awesome time playing together and competing against one another in these games. Our class got lots of exercise today and enjoyed the warmer weather after all of the rain we have had.

We ended the afternoon with free play in the year one room. It was a great day in our classroom!

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