Wednesday the 24th of February 2021, Kindergarten And Year 1

There were sharks lurking in the water of the kindy and year one classroom this afternoon as we had fun making our craft and going to the gym.

First, the afternoon began with a wash of our hands and a dishing out of our daily fruit and today’s afternoon tea which was Lebanese bread with a choice of carrot or pumpkin dip.

As we finished up our food the karate teacher came to collect our understudies for class. Those of us that remained dove right into the craft. Today we continued our theme in a fashionable way with the construction of our own headband shark fin! Unsurprisingly the boys in particular were interested in having their turn so in groups of two they came up, drew and cut out their shark fin and went about gluing the constituent pieces together. Ravi and Dev proved themselves shark experts as they meticulously designed the best fin not only for themselves but many of their classmates too. Yaseen and Tommy were initially hesitant to complete the craft but using each other for motivation and help ended up making two of the nicest fins of the group. Kavin our resident ocean animal enthusiast wanted his to be slightly different (and more accurate) so employed the grey paper instead to excellent effect.

Meanwhile in the classroom the orbeez ocean proved as popular as ever. Between taking turns they rotated over to a brand new magnet fishing set! In two teams we raced to fill up our board with a whole manner of sea creatures caught exclusively with our magnet fishing rod. Melissa and teammate Annika were crowned resident champions as they beat many teams in their winning run.

As this was a more involved craft, the twilight of the afternoon came quickly. Not often do we turn down a chance to go to the gym and so it was today as we quickly packed up and headed in. We timed our arrival well ensuring we got a long turn on the trampoline.

As 6 o’clock neared we gathered our things and returned to the room for a final play before home time.

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