Wednesday the 26th of May, Year Two and Three

Today in the upstairs classroom we finally attempted our long awaited activity of a scavenger hunt!

For afternoon tea we had our delicious fruit followed by some beef and cheese pasta, it was very tasty! We then packed away our plates and sat down on the floor to have a group discussion about the activity. Miss Kaylah went on to explain how the hunt will work, and how we are going to make sure it’s a fair game! Once we were with our partner we made our way downstairs into the gym to begin.

We had so much fun doing the hunt as it included fun activities like cartwheels, jumping jacks and trying to find objects in the gym. Sathwik and Shivaan chose to sing the alphabet as their group song, it was quite funny as they couldn’t stop giggling! Kabier and Om had the best cartwheels of the class, they can do them really fast too. Everyone was running around the gym like crazy trying to finish their hunt, and after 15 minutes our time was up. We made our way upstairs to tally up our scores and see who the winning group was. Everyone did really awesome working in their teams, but it was Nicholas and Haythan who scored the most points coming in with 10 completed activities, congratulations guys!!!

The rest of our afternoon was spent listening to music, playing with the magnets or sitting and relaxing in the tent with the pop it!

See you tomorrow.

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