Wednesday the 28th of April 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Today kindy and year one practiced our folding skills as we made origami pigs

We began the day with some delicious fruit and a paella rice dish for afternoon tea. Those of us that go to karate finished quickly so we could go to class.

Next we began our activity. Using our long pink pieces of paper together as a group we went through the steps of folding our design. While some of us still required help with the trickier folds it was encouraging to see our improvement from last term, with many of us working independently especially on half folds. When we completed our steps and had our pig face we had the choice to customise it to our liking. For most of us that meant adding eyes and nostrils but for kavin it meant drawing sharp teeth on the inside flap so that it could be revealed from hidden.

Before the day was over we made sure to head to the gym for a jump on the trampoline. Our favourite exercise is to jump in the foam pit and climb out repeatedly. As 6 o’clock approached we called time on our fun and returned to the room to await our parents.

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