Wednesday the 31st of March, Year 2-3

Today in year 2-3 we continued our exciting celebration of Easter! We had a new afternoon tea today, ham and cheese pockets. They were amazing and everyone wanted seconds. We also ate fruit, and lots of very sweet watermelon.

After snack, we paint and coloured in eggs, bunny rabbits, cracked eggs. Everyone had creative ideas for patterns in our eggs and many of us did multiple crafts. Riley coloured in three eggs and then taped them on a larger piece of paper in a nest... very creative! Sherrinah put pompoms on her bunny rabbit for the nose and eyes. Kiana painted her bunny rabbit many different colours. We enjoyed craft today and we are really looking forward to the Easter egg hunt we will do tomorrow afternoon with the whole Island. Miss. Amber and Miss. Kaylah hung up the Easter eggs we painted. Make sure to check out all of our Easter crafts displayed around the room! We’ve made lots of things.

To finish off the afternoon we saw the chickens, and Christa loved them! We are so excited for tomorrow and the Easter eggs hunt that we will have. It will be the last day of the term and we are so pumped!

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