Wednesday the 3rd of February Kindergarten and Year 1

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

We welcomed some more students as we continued settling into our new room.

Once again we got to start the day with the exciting task of welcoming new students to our class. A warm welcome was extended to Myra, Katrina and Hayley as they integrated into our swelling ranks. Our class is looking much fuller than a mere two days ago which is awesome as it gives us plenty of diversity in the activities we can engage with.

Afternoon tea today began with fruit before moving on to a plate of beef, rice and veg that was reported to be delicious. Similar reports were given for the vegetarian alternative given to our not insignificant number of vegetarian students.

Our in-room play today centered largely around drawing and craft as the kids got creative with our art supplies. Melissa drew a pretty picture for mum, Amyra applied some cut and paste skills to accentuate her rainbow butterfly and Myra impressed with her drawing of a puppy dog.

Again we were all itching for a run around the gym and a bounce on the trampoline and so we moved in that direction. Similarly, we again enjoyed an extended run where we could bounce, slide and jump to our hearts galore. Sometimes even mum or dad arriving wasn't enough to tear our attention away from the play area!

As the afternoon wore on we returned to the room for a final free play as we awaited our parents return.

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