Wednesday the 5th of May 2021, Kindergarten and Year 1

Kindy and year 1 made cute paper farm animals today that we used as avant-garde wristbands.

Our daily routine began with some delicious fruit and today’s afternoon tea a creamy pasta dish or a vegetarian alternative.

Those of us that go to karate class departed and the rest of us began today’s task. We had a choice of making some recognisable farm animals; a cow, a chicken a dog and a horse. The beauty of the design came in its simplicity as a strip of paper simply had to be glued end to end and the front decorated. Whilst we were guided towards the use of simple geometric shapes to represent the animals facial features, there was naturally plenty of room for creativity. It was impressive seeing the kids experiment with different ways to interestingly produce the animal design. Although not originally intended for the purpose, Jason, Justin and Dev insistence to wear the craft as a wristband resulted in a wave of copycats with animal bracelets.

Before the end of the day we made sure to make our way to the gym for some physical activity. We all enjoyed having a bounce on the trampoline and shooting some goals. When the time came we retrieved our things and returned to the room.

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