Wednesday the 5th of May, Year 2-3

Today was a wonderful day in our classroom! We began eating our yummy pasta for afternoon tea. It had tomato sauce, carrots and corn. It is great that all of our afternoon teas I corporate vegetables, but you can’t even tell! Everyone loves what we get to eat. Then we continued on making our frames from yesterday because Mothers Day is quickly approaching! Everyone used coloured paddle pop sticks, or coloured the sticks in themselves, and glued them together to make a frame shape. Some of us write things like “we love you Mum“ or “best Mum in the world” on the side of our frames. Anyone who didn’t get their picture taken yesterday got to take theirs today. Tomorrow we will have all of our pictures printed out to add to our frames. In our picture, we held up posters or cards we made for Mum. In the cards we wrote lots of different beautiful things that we loved about the special women in our lives. Along with the frames, we will give our Mums the cards on Mothers Day... how exciting! Since the glue takes awhile to dry, we set aside our wet and drying frames to continue on with tomorrow.

Throughout the afternoon we went to our different classes like hip hop and karate. We love our classes! To finish off the afternoon, we had a dance party. Everyone is looking forward to finishing their frames within the next couple of days ❤️ See you tomorrow!

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