Wednesday the 7th of April, Navigators & Adventurers

Today was circus day! It was a blast. The morning was super relaxing. After our breakfast we made our way into the K-1 room for some quiet freeplay and to spend some time with the chicks. We then moved into the gym and played some of our favourite games as a group, until we made our way back in the room for morning tea. In preparation for our circus light show in the afternoon, we made juggling balls out of rice, sandwich bags and balloons. We made juggling balls by packing a handful of rice into the sandwich bags and forming a circular shape. Then we wrapped a balloon to pack the ball into place and secure the rice. Everyone got to make least 2 balls! We spent a lot of time practicing our juggling skills, watching YouTube videos to learn tips and competing against each other in juggling. Our juggling competition was epic and each child got a chance to display their skills. Leyna won third place with 66 juggles, Ryan came in second place with 286 juggles and Robert came in a close first with 300 total juggles.

After we had lunch, the light show circuit circus came to visit us. There were lots of different activities to do in the dance room that involved lights and circus-like activities. One of our favorite things was the glowing hoola hoops that we got to play with. For quiet time we all voted to watch the new Mulan movie on Disney Plus. All the children sat and attentively watched the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. To finish off the afternoon we had some building free play, trampoline games and a round of mafia run by Miss. Kaylah. The navigators and adventurers enjoyed their time together today and had a great time at the circus! Can’t wait to see your smiling faces tomorrow 😊

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