Thursday the 4th of February, Year 2-3

  • Today we arrived to the Island and did a practice lockdown! We were all super quiet and behaved perfectly, our teachers were so proud! We then grabbed our bags and made our way upstairs to enjoy some fruit and Lebanese bread with sweet potato dip, delicious! This afternoon we spent some time catching up on the weeks activities, and having some quiet play with our friends. Joubin created a dinosaur silhouette that breathes in water, how crazy is that! The rest of the class played with the fooseball table and created some really awesome lego! Kiara created a flower garden and Serrinah created a beautiful house. We then packed up our toys and made our way down into the trampoline and to run around on the blue grass. Nicholas and Haythan played basketball and got almost every shot they threw! Some of the class played 44 homes together and had a really fun time!

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