Thursday the 11th February, Year 2 and 3

We started off our afternoon with a beautiful speech from Grace, she called it “If a genie gave me one wish.” She spoke about her experience with loosing an eye, and how her experience taught her to always be kind to people who have unique features! It was a wonderful speech and we thanked Grace for sharing it with us. We then headed upstairs for some fruit and meatball pasta, it was delicious! We then got to play with some of our new toys Miss Katie got for us. Kiara played with the new dinosaur felt and her dinosaur world looked awesome! We also played with the new Dino puzzles too. Ava made a really awesome LEGO house with Oliver & Serenity, they worked as a team and their house came together perfectly! After a while of playing upstairs we decided to clean up the room and make our way down into the gym! Shivaan and Sammy showed us some really awesome tricks while jumping into the foam pit. Once everyone at the Island had gone home only Joubin and Ava were left and they spent some time practicing playing street fighter & Kirby. We had a really awesome day today in year 2-3!

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