Year 3 Thursday 19th of November

Today Year 3 were lucky enough to begin the afternoon with an excellent clarinet performance of "Settlers March." Year 3 then enjoyed some fruit and subs which were finished quickly so that work could begin setting up the "Tick Tack" shop for the other grades to come and visit. PJ, Sienna and Matilda were the most excited about the shop and couldn't wait to ask for the customers to arrive.

Year 3 were quickly overwhelmed by the number of Year 1 and 2 students looking to purchase origami which led to the supply quickly being depleted. All students were very happy with the turnout however a key area for improvement was found in spending more time preparing the shop and origami for a smoother process.

Year 3 then headed to the soccer room for some quick games of land, water, sea followed by dogeball which proved to be a big hit. Some students felt upset when getting eliminated from the game, however this proved to be a valuable lesson regarding both winning and losing gracefully.

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