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Vacation Care

Hang tight our program will be released at least 4 weeks before school holidays.

Click below and we will keep you up to date when it's ready!

Important Information for Vacation Care 

Early booking for some excursions is essential as places will fill fast.

Excursions are indicated by the bus symbol, days at The Island are indicated by a palm tree.

Opening & Closing Times
Our centre opens at 6:30am and closes at 6:30pm

On excursion days please ensure to have your children at the centre latest by 8:00am.

What to Pack & Not to Pack

Morning Tea, Lunch & Water Bottle

(please do not pack lollies)

Please remember to pack a healthy recess and lunch for your child which does not have any nuts. Lunch will be provided on days that have the knife and fork symbol. Please do not pack any food items that need to be cooked or reheated.

Closed Toe Footwear

Your child must have CLOSED TOE footwear on all days. Any child that does not have closed toe footwear will unfortunately note be able to participate in certain activities.

Hat & Water Bottle

Your child must have a hat while coming to vacation care for protection from the sun when going on excursions as well as a water bottle during the day for drinking.

 If you child does not have a hat / water bottle you will be debited $10.00 for the provision of either a hat or water bottle or both and the subsequent laundry and sterilisation required)

(sunscreen will be applied by educators before children leave building)

Sun Smart Clothing

Choose clothing that covers as much skin as possible. The best styles are: tops with collars, and sleeves of at least three quarter-length, pants or skirts of at least three-quarter-length.


(rashie top and shorts)

Please make sure to pack swimmers for you children on days in which there will be water activities.​


Children are not allowed to bring electronics to the centre (i.e. mobile phones, iPads, computers, etc.)


Vacation Care fees and charges are CCS applicable as is the activity fee

First time enrolment fee (new parents)


Daily fee

$85.00 (some excursions have an additional fee)
Island Discount
Book a designated date we will provide - $75.00 per day

How can you enroll?

When registration opens you will see an image of our program which will have buttons that you can click on to allow you to register.


Below is an example program.


Our program will be divided by the groups in which your children will be in.

Little Explorers (Prep & Kindy)

Explorers (Year 1 & 2)

Navigators (Year 3 & 4)

Adventurers (Year 5 & 6)

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