Vacation Care

Important Information for Vacation Care 

Winter Vacation Care 
Important Information for Vacation Care 

Vacation care will run this July from Monday July 4th until Friday July 15th, 
we will again be offering TWO programs for Winter 2022. 

The program will be broken up in the following two groups:

Explorers and Little Explorers (Kindy, Year 1 and Year 2)


Navigators and  Adventurers (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

Monday July 18th is a staff development day for some schools only. The Island will be open for a full Island play day for those not attending school, as well as regular morning and afternoon care for those whom are attending. Please check with your school as to whether you will or will not have a staff development day prior to booking. 

We wish everyone a safe and Happy Holidays and we hope to see you in vacation care soon.

What to Pack 

Morning Tea, Lunch & Water Bottle

Please remember to pack a healthy recess and lunch for your child that does not contain any nuts. Lunch will be provided on the days that have the knife and fork symbol. Please do not pack any food items that need to be cooked or reheated.

Closed Toe Footwear

Your child must have CLOSED TOE footwear on all days. Any child that does not have closed toe footwear will unfortunately not be able to participate in certain activities.

Hat & Water Bottle

Your child must have a hat while attending vacation care for protection from the sun when going on excursions as well as a water bottle during the day for drinking.

 If you child does not have a hat / water bottle you will be debited $10.00 for the provision of either a hat or water bottle or both and the subsequent laundry and sterilisation required)

(sunscreen will be applied by educators before children leave the building)


Sun Smart Clothing / Sensible Clothing 

It's looking like it is set to be a cold winter, please remember to dress for the cold, remember to bring jumpers or jackets especially on days when we are leaving the service.  Please remember to label ALL your layers as this helps us return any lost items to you.

What Not to Pack

Electronics and Toys 

Children are not allowed to bring electronics to the centre (i.e. mobile phones, iPads, computers, etc.) We also strongly discourage children bringing toys from home. We take no responsibility for toys brought to The Island and subsequently lost or stolen.

Lollies, Fast Food and Anything Containing Nuts. 
Please remember to pack a healthy recess and lunch, although vacation care is a time for fun and a relaxation of the strict school lunch rules, we kindly ask that you do not pack things like McDonald's and other fast food alternatives. 

The Island is also nut free. This includes; Nutella sandwiches, Pad Thai noodles, Chocolate Bars such as Snickers, and Muesli/Protein Bars. 


Vacation Care fees and charges as well as the activity fees are covered by Centrelink's Child Care Subsidy therefore you will only be charged the gap if you have successfully applied for CCS.

First time enrolment fee
Vacation Care Registration Fee- First Time attendees will be
charged a one off $55 non refundable enrolment fee. 

Daily fee

Vacation Care fee's- Early Bird Fee- $75 a day plus Activity Fee's
Available Midnight Monday 13/6/2022 - Midnight Sunday 19/6/2022
Vacation Care fee's- Regular Fee -$85 a day plus Activity Fee's
Available  20/6/2022- 48hrs before scheduled activity. 
Vacation Care fee's- Late Booking Fee - $110 a day plus Activity Fee's.
Bookings made within 48hrs of scheduled activity or those without
bookings who arrive on the day


Afternoon Care
Afternoon Care Only- 3pm-6:30pm is available to OOSH parents only who wish to keep their regularly scheduled days at their regular cost of care. 

Please make sure you know your schedule before completing your
vacation care booking to avoid disappointment.


By submitting the vacation care form you agree that you will be debited for the days in which you select from your card and/or bank account given, and that you will be charged for days booked even if your child does not attend regardless of illness and/or notification of absence.

Opening & Closing Times

Our centre opens at 7:00 am and closes at 6:30 pm during vacation care.

Please make sure you know your schedule before completing your vacation care booking to avoid disappointment.


We look forward to seeing your children in vacation care these holidays, if you have any questions regarding vacation care please feel free to email admin@theislandoosh.com.

See you in the holidays,

The Island OOSH

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